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Aukus consortium collaborates on hypersonic robot

Aukus consortium collaborates on hypersonic robot

The United States, Britain and Australia have announced that the countries will work together to develop a hypersonic robot. The three countries were part of an alliance in September last year, called Aukus, focusing on security issues, primarily in the Pacific.

The announcement came in a joint statement from US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday.

At the same time, the US military said that it had conducted a test launch of a hypersonic robot from an aircraft. The robot has reached a speed of over Mach 5 and a maximum height of 19,800 metres.

The information comes from the Pentagon headquarters and DARPA Research Division.

China and Russia are also developing similar robotic weapons. China says it tested a robot that revolutionized the Earth and then hit a target in China. Russia said two weeks ago that two hypersonic robots had been launched at targets in Ukraine.

Robots at the speed of sound

Hypersonic robots move at very high speeds and can maneuver through the air, making them more difficult to track and stop than other robots. Supersonic speed means at least five times the speed of sound, Mach 5.

Robots can carry conventional weapons and nuclear warheads.

The countries that reported that the type of robot was developed are China, Russia, the United States, and North Korea.

Source: AFP.