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Australia vs. the new Prime Minister |  SVT News

Australia vs. the new Prime Minister | SVT News

After a difficult election campaign and expectations constantly referring to a voter, Anthony Albanese was finally able to rejoice in the electoral victory he had been waiting for so long.

“We are the best country in the world, but we can have a better future if we take advantage of the opportunities before us,” Albanese said, starting with a promise of more impact on indigenous peoples and working harder than the environmental representative. .

Thanks Morrison

The 59-year-old Sidney will become the first prime minister of the Social Democratic Labor Party since Kevin Rudd in 2013, succeeding Scott Morrison of the Liberal Conservative Party.

Scott kindly wished me all the best. Albanese says I thank him for his efforts for our country.

On the other hand, Morrison met quieter supporters at his vigil a little over a mile to the west.

I have always believed in the judgment of Australians and I have always been willing to accept their judgment. He said they delivered their verdict tonight, according to ABC at the same time he resigned as party leader.

Unconfirmed government base

After nearly four years as Prime Minister, Morrison’s age is in the grave, a time that will be remembered primarily for the major pandemic shutdowns, the devastating fires of the summer of 2019-2020 and many major floods.

For Anthony Albanese, on the other hand, his election victory doesn’t mean it’s entirely clear how he can govern. Will it be in its own majesty of work or will the party have to search for one or more coalition partners?

When it came Saturday on the east coast of Australia, Labor had 72 seats in Parliament, and four tickets for its party’s majority. With 10 seats left for distribution, the former ruling coalition won 56 seats and the other parties 13 seats.

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Vote counting stopped

But when midnight came they stopped counting votes in the more populous states of New South Wales and Victoria, and did not resume counting until morning. In addition, all postal votes must still be counted.

Therefore, there will be no final result until Sunday morning Swedish time at the earliest.