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Awards Ceremony for the Russian Hackers Group

Awards Ceremony for the Russian Hackers Group

Leaked documents show that Russian hacker group Conte rewards employees with bonuses and prizes and routinely selects “employees of the month”.

CNBC reports that a “massive leak” now reveals that the Russian hacker group Conte, accused of being behind a series of major ransomware attacks, is run as a regular tech company but operates covertly.

The hacker group is said to have paid employees, bonuses, and other performance-oriented rewards. In addition, you designate “Employees of the Month” who receive additional compensation equivalent to half a month’s salary for a job well done.

It also has, it was said, offices in Russia in which “covert” activities are conducted.

FBI: Hackers group focus on critical US infrastructure

According to the FBI, Conti was one of the most active ransomware groups in 2021. The FBI claims that the hacker group attaches great importance to attacking critical infrastructure in the United States.

Now, the hacker group has concluded, through the leaked documents, what it feels like to be handed over to the public.

The hacker group describes the current leak as an “act of revenge,” which began just four days after Russia invaded Ukraine.

security expert CNBC It is estimated that Conte’s organization has about 350 members who pulled about $2.7 billion in cryptocurrency in just a few years through ransomware attacks.

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