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Barbara Kurtz-Satan changed her hair color.  Became beautiful!

Barbara Kurtz-Satan changed her hair color. Became beautiful!

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Barbara Kurtage-Satan, one of the country’s most famous beauties, wants to be surprised. Actress known for her roles series Appreciates the brave Styling and willingly wears colorful, eye-catching clothes. She likes to show off her transformations on social media for roles and personal purposes. This time she was not disappointed. A completely different version presented itself, because it is a new, shorter hairstyle. He drastically changed his look and asked his fans if he looks good in black.

Barbara Kurtz-Satan was fascinated by black

Barbara Kurtage-Satan in Amazing Color InstaStories

Barbara Kurtage-Satan also likes to play with fashion, but this is not always the case

In an interview with Pleiades, the actress once said that she was not very interested Mod ±. However, that has changed since she was identified. Now she can be included in the group of the best and most famously dressed stars of Polish show business.

I like to play around when it comes to looks. I was in a music school in Gdynia for a year. They are all colorful there and they wear some scarves on their heads. (…) I was more of a hippie, and there was a little bit left of it when I was in Krakow when I was studying. (…) But then I had many classes, and then, when I started working in show business, I absolutely did not care how I looked. What matters to me is what I did and how I did it, not how I dressed.

You can see that the star wants to experiment with her image, and what do you think of Barbara Kurtz-Satan in this version?

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