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Belarusian attack on France: ‘aerial piracy’

On Monday, two Belarusian planes chased the Ryanair, forcing it to land in Minsk. On board the plane were journalist Roman Protasevi, 26, and his girlfriend, Sophia Sabega, 23 – who were arrested by the police.

The outside world reacted with panic, and several countries banned aircraft from flying over Belarus. At the same time, the European Union said it would isolate Belarusian aircraft from the union’s airspace.

On Wednesday, a Belarusian plane en route to Barcelona turned around when denied access to French airspace. The French also stopped planes en route from Minsk to Paris.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said that France was involved in “air piracy”.

The recognition is criticized

Roman Protasevi worked for Telegram Nexta, which played an important role during the protests against President Alexander Lukashenko last fall.

Since their arrest, recorded “confessions” about Procevi وص and his girlfriend have been published, in which they say they planned riots and published private information about police officers.

But according to the couple’s parents and co-workers, confessions are likely to be coerced.

– Even my friends called and said this was not like her. Sophia Sabegas says she swings and looks up as if she’s afraid to forget something BBC mother.

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Sophia Sabega, a journalist critical of the regime, journalist Roman Protasevic, appears in a video in which she pleads guilty to a crime. Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tychhanovskaya wrote on Twitter that she appeared to have been “pressured” to make the confession.
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