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Biden has Covid – is self-isolating in the White House

Biden has Covid – is self-isolating in the White House

Biden is self-isolating in the White House until a negative result appears. In the meantime, he will continue to fully carry out his work and on Thursday will hold planned meetings by phone and Zoom, writes press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre.

The president was scheduled to visit Pennsylvania on Thursday and spend the weekend in Delaware, but the trips were canceled.

according to Statement The 79-year-old is fully vaccinated with two doses of boosters. He started treatment with Pfizer’s own Baxlovid.

“I feel better”

And Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, says, according to Agence France-Presse, that the president appeared Wednesday evening with symptoms such as fatigue, a runny nose and a dry cough. Then he gave a positive PCR test Thursday morning. The president is being tested regularly for Covid-19 and the last test on Tuesday was negative, according to the White House.

First wife Jill Biden visited a school in Detroit on Thursday and told reporters that she had just spoken to her husband on the phone.

– She said he’s doing well, he’s fine, according to the Associated Press.

More trips

Jill Biden, who was wearing a mouthguard, said she tested negative earlier in the day.

While large parts of the political establishment in Washington have been affected by the coronavirus, for example Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden has so far managed to escape. At the beginning of the pandemic, he isolated himself and wore a mask constantly, but recently increased his travel and contacts.

Biden’s successor in office, Donald Trump, tested positive for the coronavirus in October 2020 in the middle of the presidential election campaign. At the time, there was no vaccine and Trump was briefly hospitalized.