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Bloomberg says PlayStation Game Pass will be released next week

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After months with no news of the alleged game arcade From Play StationAnd the SpartacusAnd the Bloomberg He released very interesting information for all those who have one of the Sony consoles at home. According to a report written by Jason Schrearer Service It will be released next week.

Some sources close to the company told Schererer that Spartacus have as targeting Fight head-to-head with Xbox Game Passwhich already has 25 million subscribers worldwide.

According to Bloomberg, The service that PlayStation will provide will be a combination of PS Plus and PS Now, albeit with some interesting nuances. The It will provide the cheapest subscription only Plus servicesThe Average will allow descargar Content from Currently Finally The most expensive plan give to being able to after index From cloud gamesAnd the As well as releasing demossuch as EA Play.

However, one of the points where Spartacus does not intend to compete with Xbox with some new releasessince the PlayStation service I didn’t want it thinkingor show in your group Possibility From Play the latest titles you ownas if it happened on a Microsoft subscription.

Schrearer confirms that before the end of March Spartacus will be officially announced, which is very different from what was indicated by Jeff Grob (a journalist very associated with video games) at the time, who confirmed that the service will start at the end of February. Both made the move, and the Bloomberg report is just days away from being completely right or wrong.

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