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Bokeh simulation with Luminar AI |

Portrait Bokeh AI in Luminar AI is based on AI-controlled depth mapping tools, according to manufacturer Skylum. The tool recognizes people and automatically creates a mask to isolate subjects from the background. However, the user can influence the character of the bokeh. For example, you can adjust the exposure of the background, make the lights shine and change the depth of field. Additional improvements in Update 4 are a visual preview of the textures used and a simplification of sky orientation.

The update is free for owners of Luminar AI, first-time buyers pay €59.

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LuminarAI 4 Update – Beautiful bokeh in seconds

New York, 07/27/2021. The LuminarAI smart photo editor, which is entirely based on artificial intelligence, gets its next update today. With the fourth update, Skylum Portrait introduces BokehAI, a powerful new tool for photographers’ toolkit. The update is free for existing users.

Full focus control with portrait bokeh

Based on AI-powered depth mapping tools, Portrait BokehAI isolates the subject of a portrait from the background. The tool recognizes people in groups or in unusual situations or situations. When the subject is isolated from the background, Portrait BokehAI blurs the background to simulate the rich, blurred bokeh of a high-end lens with a wide aperture.

Create a smart mask. Thanks to artificial intelligence, LuminarAI can recognize the people in the photo and create the perfect mask to separate subjects from the background. The mask is created automatically, but the artist can still enhance and modify the mask to add or remove sharpness from the image.

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Creative control. The bokeh is created automatically, but the artist can control it entirely with a single slider.

Any Light, Any Lens: Traditionally, soft bokeh requires expensive cameras and lenses in conjunction with complex lighting. Not anymore. Portrait BokehAI works with any image.

polished wallpapers. In addition to adjustable bokeh, the user can further enhance the background by using the slider to adjust the exposure of the background, make the lights shine through, set a specific depth of field or enhance the edges.

The decorations are breathtaking. When the background is perfect, AI-controlled photo tools – FaceAI, SkyAI, and BodyAI – can be used to highlight subjects in the photo.

Textures with visual preview

The textures have been improved to more accurately show the effect that will be created in advance. To understand how texture can fit into a work in progress, textures can be browsed visually, just as you can with SkyAI and SkyAI Augmented tools. Custom motifs can be accessed directly from the drop-down grid. But you can also upload your own embellishments for reuse in order to create a library of your own favourites.

AI Sky Horizon Control

In order to make the process a little easier, the ability to align the new sky with the horizon has been improved in SkyAI. The vertical slider, horizontal position, and sky blend have been replaced by the Horizon Shift control switch located in the Sky Alignment section.

This single control allows the user to better frame an alternate sky to align the horizon to create a smoother and more natural final image.

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LuminarAI Update 4 is a free update for existing LuminarAI users. How the update works:

macOS: Open LuminarAI. Select LuminarAI > Check for Updates in the top menu bar. If you purchased from the Mac App Store, open the App Store and go to the Updates tab.

Windows: Open LuminarAI. Select LuminarAI > Help > Check for Updates in the top menu bar.

If LuminarAI was used as a plug-in with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Photoshop Elements, the plug-in installer must be run again. over here click for more information.

Das Luminaruser’s Guide It has also been expanded to make it easier for users to find and answer questions about LuminarAI than before.