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"Bombardier" crushed "Stifler" in seconds.  Suddenly it fell: Pudzianowski

“Bombardier” crushed “Stifler” in seconds. Suddenly it fell: Pudzianowski

The MMA Prime Show confirmed that the second gala was devoid of famous names and very interesting combinations. One of them is Marius Budzianowski, a former competitor at KSW. It was Serigne “Bombardier” Ousmane Dia. The Senegalese will fight Damian “Stifler” Zduńczyk, who is almost 60 kilograms lighter.

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– He said he wants to knock him out or he suffers an injury that will take him out of the rest of the fight, but he won’t be shut down for long or one of us will be disqualified. Stiffler” after the weigh-in ceremony.

This is quick action. “Bombardier” was doing “Stifler” in a few dozen seconds. He then challenged Budzianowski to a duel

The fight with the last competitor at “Warsaw Shore” did not go as planned. Early on, he tried to surprise Thea with a “flying knee”. It was his first and last mistake. “Bombardier” immediately caught him and knocked him down, with that weight difference As a result This fight can only be one. The Senegalese began beating the “Stifler” mercilessly, and the referee stopped the fight after a few dozen seconds.

Delighted in victory, Thea shouts to the camera, “Marius!” and “Budzianowski”. Thea also ran her finger down the throat of the former strongman as if fighting. And that, let us remind you, has already happened. And “Budgeon” quickly wore down the Senegalese players.

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“Bombardier” announced his desire to rematch Budzianowski a few days ago. – Can’t show Budgeon what I can do. He fought, he won, and I had two fights in Senegal at that time. Even now, after this fight, I am ready to face him. I am waiting because I want to show the Poles what I can do, he said.