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Broad support for stronger nature protection in the EU – the government is going against the will of the people

The majority of people in EU countries who are slowing down the nature restoration regulation want the regulation to be approved. This is evidenced by an opinion poll conducted by the WWF and three other organizations.

The poll showed that 75% of the population of Finland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Sweden support the regulation and want to approve it. The greatest support is in Italy (85 percent). In Finland, it reaches 70 percent.

“The survey shows that Finland and other countries that are slow in regulation do not take into account their citizens’ interest in nature,” he says. Mai Suominen The World Wide Fund for Nature said in a statement.

This regulation is the main tangible tool for the European Union to achieve its promise and goal of stopping the depletion of nature by 2030.

“These numbers should wake up governments trying to stop a very important organization that has widespread support among the people,” Suominen says.

In Finland, among other countries, Finland Näringsliv EK supports the regulation as Finland has been able to introduce some changes in the text. WWF points out that the kind of nature protection the regulation is required to do benefits the climate as well as the economy and public health.