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​Burze przechodzą nad Polską. Rządowe Centrum Bezpieczeństwa ostrzegało przed silnym wiatrem. W nocy i o poranku straż pożarna interweniowała ponad 260 razy, głównie w zachodnich województwach naszego kraju.

Broken trees and torn roofs. Storms and strong winds in the west of Poland

Storms pass over Poland. The Government Center for Defense warned, among other things, against strong winds. The fire brigade intervened more than 260 times, mainly at night and in the western provinces of our country.

Firefighters intervened 260 times in connection with the storms, none of which were national. You could say it was quiet because things would be so bad. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least three places yesterday – Brigadier General Karol Kearskovsky, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the State Fire Service, told PAP.

Firefighters from Lubuskie voivodeship. In the south they had more work. Most of the reports involved were fallen trees and broken branches.

The work was a little less Lower Silesia. Went there 40 times for storm and storm damage. Firefighters cleaned up fallen trees and branches and drained water from flooded basements. In the area, three roofs were damaged and on one occasion the building was struck by lightning. Fortunately the fire did not occur.

Firefighters also intervened, but to a lesser extent, inside In Wielkopolska, Zachodniopomorskie and Silesia. No one was injured.

The Government Security Center sent a warning to the poles on Friday, warning against strong winds and storms. It was also stressed that there is a possibility of power outage.

The Meteorological and Water Management Agency forecast winds of 70 kmph in the south of the country and 100 kmph in the Gdansk Bay region. It will also be slightly colder: 12-14 degrees in the north to 20-22 degrees in Malopolska and Podkarpace.

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The strength of the wind will decrease at night from Saturday to Sunday.

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