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Buy Spotify Podz to improve your podcast search experience

buds, a service that makes it easy to find and discover podcasts online, has been he got it spotify. In this way, you will add Podz technology to complete the experience about podcasts that live in your catalog.

Spotify announced in Release Purchasing as a decision will help you implement The best discovery experience:

Spotify had experts in machine learning He has focused on improving acoustic discoveries for nearly a decade, but there is more work to be done. We believe it Podz technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s efforts to boost discoverydelivering the right content at the right time to listeners and accelerating category growth around the world.”

Spotify will also have “lyrics” in podcasts in addition to songs

The peculiarity of searching through Podz lies in the high-quality clips, allowing users to listen crumbs Key to some episodes that may interest you. “This ability, along with 2,600,000 podcasts on SpotifyAnd, learning from our work in music discovery, and current investments in podcast recommendation, will take discovery to the next level.”

At the beginning of this year, also gathered technology crisis, CEO of Podz, Doug EmbrosTalk about your current research experience in audio platforms. Although it is mentioned that it is only found in the United States 100 million people When listening to podcasts, this listening experience is not a whole part of our lives: “We think this is because the experience of discovering and consuming podcasts is outdated. It feels like I’m surfing the web in 1997, literally.”