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Buying PS5: New Controllers for Pre-order at GameStop?

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GameStop also has the PS5 on display over and over again. But you can count on the consoles to be pre-ordered before Christmas.

Update from 11/26/2021Black Friday has dawned and what gamers don’t like to hear has arrived – GameStop doesn’t have any new hardware for the Sony PS5. So a new GameStop console didn’t get dropped at the biggest shopping event of the year. Pre-order lists that are now known will not be reintroduced either. If you’re currently looking for a console, you can try your luck at MediaMarkt and Saturn, or else the PS5 likely won’t show itself today. Still in the mood to shop, take a look at our Black Friday and PS5 ticker, here we list today’s best deals.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Fixed game console
generation 09. Console generation
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
launch 19. November 2020

Original message from 11/23/2021: Hamburg – If there has been a safe bank for the Sony PS5 in the past few weeks, it sure has been GameStop. Instead of continuing to play the grueling console sales game online, it was decided to be the first retailer to exclusively offer PS5 in retail stores. And with success: At GameStop, players kept making their way back to PS5 without much jitters. Many are now wondering when this will be possible again – there are already rumors in the PS5 forums that GameStop could be renewed in December.

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Buying PS5: GameStop’s Convenient Console Listings

What is the current state of PS5 at GameStop? GameStop is currently processing pre-orders for the retailer’s last-order options. Since November 15, the PS5 can be purchased again at GameStop by adding itself to the console listing. Several registered players received their PS5 a week later and were able to get supplies from their local GameStop branch. However, available units and delivery times varied from branch to branch: some received more consoles than others and some took longer to collect PS5 supplies. As long as you’re in a list, the search for an available console is finally over, which is why many gamers prefer GameStop’s convenient menus.

Buying PS5: First Rumors About GameStop’s New Console Deals

When will GameStop have PS5 supplies again? This, of course, is the question of all questions and we cannot give an unambiguous answer either. As in the past few months, GameStop is keeping a low bar in terms of revamping the new console. Meanwhile, seasoned users on PS5 forums will want to hear about an upcoming console revamp in December. NS User Reports, two GameStop employees are said to have talked about the potentially approaching action in December while he was able to overhear the conversation. Even the user wonders if this will actually happen.

PS5 Buying: New GameStop Consoles – Are the Supplies Already in the Star Slots?

© Sony / GameStop / Unsplash

The story is always a good starting point for speculation. GameStop will of course sell the consoles again when all existing PS5 orders are processed. But the period in December for last-minute pre-Christmas promotions seems the right time. Of course, only time can tell if the consoles will actually be renewed soon at GameStop. If you are also interested in the location of PS5 in other retailers, we have also prepared a suitable daily article. * Affiliate link

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Category Image: © Sony / GameStop / Unsplash