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C goes against S – wants to cut taxes on ISK • Boris Johnson mocks – Take a 400km private jet for climate meeting • Now opens Denmark – difference with Sweden

C conflicts with S – wants to reduce the tax on ISK savings

The debate over the ISK tax has been heated since the Social Democrats studied the effects of raising it.

Now the Center Party is choosing to go in exactly the opposite direction – during the day they will propose a tax cut.

On the one hand, they want the first 150,000 SEK kept in the account to be tax-exempt. They also want to remove something called the minimum interest rate, which means that the interest rate cannot go below 1.25. If you take the last year as an example, the interest rate would have been 0.9 without the floor, writes SVT.

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Boris Johnson mocked after the trip

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK, this weekend.

At the meeting, the plan is mainly intended to discuss the pandemic – and how the climate crisis should be tackled.

Then Boris Johnson chose to fly the 40 miles to Newquay by private jet.

The 35-minute, nearly 400-kilometre journey emitted nearly five times more greenhouse gases than the corresponding train journey would. Interested in trade.

The Prime Minister is now called everything from stupid to embarrassing and elitist. Criticism of political opponents was not long in coming.

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The difference with Sweden – Denmark is now open

Nearly a year ago, there was a need to wear a mouthguard in large parts of Danish society.

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But now you have abandoned the rules.

Restaurants are now allowed to open until midnight – which means Danes can watch the European Football Championship in the pub, for example. Something Swedish football fans have appealed to the Swedish authorities.

More spectators are allowed in the European Championship Arena. Denmark is one of the host countries for the European Football Championship, which begins on Friday. Tonight’s convention now provides an opportunity to welcome 25,000 spectators to the matches being held at the Park in Copenhagen.

This is nearly 10,000 more than previously approved.

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Restaurants close twenty minutes before the end of the matches.