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California supports abortion travel with budget money

California supports abortion travel with budget money

After the US Supreme Court in June overturned Roe v. Wade, a ruling that had guaranteed abortion rights since 1973, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) pledged that the state would become a haven for women who wanted an abortion. However, it was deemed “unrealistic” to use public funds for abortion travel outside of California. After heavy criticism, Newsom has now backed down.

California’s publicly funded endowment fund will also accept private donations. According to Newsom, this is important to cover costs.

“We all need to step up support for women who have been denied reproductive freedoms by their state governments and forced to come to California to have abortions,” said Newsom spokesperson Alex Stack.

This announcement is welcome by Planned Parenthood. Recently, the number of women seeking abortions in California has increased, mostly from Texas and Arizona.

While many states enacted stricter abortion laws after HD’s decision, other states and cities have worked to support women using public funds. In Republican-controlled states, the governors of St. Louis, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, have asked for women’s help in financing the budget.

In Oregon, state politicians, who fear a ban on abortion in neighboring Idaho, have agreed to spend $15 million to help women get abortions.

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