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Canceled Pinball Pokémon Leaked For Nintendo DS – We’re Not Kids

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third group of Pokemon Pinball It was leaked.

Canceled Pokemon Pinball Leaked For Nintendo DS

Pokemon It is one of the most multifaceted franchises today, reaching into the world of photography, MOBA games, card games and many more.

But for those of us who grew up when the franchise was just getting started, we can remember groundbreaking games like Pokemon Pinball, the first game to include an ink-cartridge vibrating engine and addictive gameplay, although after a sequel with mixed reception, Game Freak seems to have forgotten about it completely.

That’s even today, thanks to a MondoMega user from RESTERA, who leaked details of the canceled third installment that follows from sapphire and sapphireThis will have Wi-Fi support, with an initial release date of 2006, which never happened.

Besides, there are other games like Soul DSAnd glove dS, view from the legend of zelda With Sheikh and game New Super Mario Bros. With Wi-Fi and mini games Super Mario 64DS They also made themselves known.

Would you like to see this Pokemon Pinball On the Nintendo DS? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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