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Carl Bildt’s policies succumb to the Chinese dictatorship

Carl Bildt’s policies succumb to the Chinese dictatorship

Concluding remarks. Carl Bildt is free to describe our debate post in any way he likes. However, writing as ill-considered without pointing out any factual errors is neither serious nor useful for important discussion.

Nor to portray our article as a “sharp attack”. Instead, it shows how Belt devalues ​​opposing debaters on matters in which he considers himself superior in interpretation.

Instead, we cherish an open and realistic discussion on the most important foreign policy issues, and this is how we view the issue of Taiwan and China.

We welcome Bildt to speak about the position of the European Union and the United States on this issue. We also welcome that he brings his experience and seniority to the discussion. However, this does not diminish our criticism of Bildt’s tweet, which we believe is tactless and brilliant in the current situation.

Dangerous water

Taiwan is under severe military pressure in a world experiencing the most dangerous political-security situation in decades. Hence our task is to show solidarity with Taiwan and not write that the EU’s view should be that we do not support the country’s independence.

Setting an ultimate policy at odds with a democratic state that asserts its independence while under massive military pressure from the world’s largest dictatorship is fraught with danger. It risks – like Macron’s statements – becoming a policy subject to Xi Jinping’s will. So you are, to use Bild’s own words, in dangerous waters.

Sweden’s democrats choose to support democracies when they are threatened by dictatorships. We do this in the case of Taiwan as we did in Ukraine, and we will continue to stand up to military and aggressive dictatorships. This is a serious and consistent administration of foreign policy and remains.

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Written by Aaron Emilson (SD)

Foreign policy spokesman

Marcus Fischel (SD)

Member of Parliament

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