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Carmen Obe reveals how it feels to change from Telemundo to Univision: ‘I felt like I needed another audience to get to know me’

mexican actress, Carmen OpHe made a change in his life that he went from being a TV star on Telemundo to Univisión screens with the production of “Woman of Nobody”. In an interview with People en Español, he indicated that he needs changes in his life to continue his artistic career.

“I felt I also needed another audience to know me and this opportunity arose and I love it. I had the opportunity to work at Televisa 10 years ago and it was a great experience and now with the help of [la productora] Gisele Gonzalez, who I also like because it keeps the classic telenovela from a much more human side without always falling into clichés,” crossed Aub. He explained that his country of origin is characterized by novels and that a lot of people are learning Spanish for this type of production.

He commented that the way he operates at Univision-Televisa is different from that of Telemundo. “Neither for better nor for worse, just different. At first I felt like the new girl, but the truth was they took me so well. The cast we have is amazing, everyone in the production – behind the scenes too – so I felt very comfortable. It’s always great to step out of your comfort zone I have to tell you that I felt like the new and I felt like a new challenge, but I also feel that leaving the comfort zone is like a form of stimulation, to give it the most craving,” he said.

Carmen Opp will be in the same novel as Livia Brito y Marcos Ornellas, gives life to Roxana’s character. In the interview, he indicated what this new skin was all about.

Carmen Steele |  Mezcaliente

“Roxana is a woman who believes that because she has what she feels she deserves, she is able to do anything and especially when she falls in love and we already know that love sometimes drives us a little crazy (laughs). I think Roxana would literally go crazy. She has her husband and she ends up doing it.” To have a lover, but she wants to have both men, so she ends up obsessed with our lovable hero and goes too far to be able to have that love,” she asserted and emphasized that her role as a villain would not be the same as Mexican Plots.

Carmen Salinas
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