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Cases of avian influenza have been found in Sürmland

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Layering hens at Skåneägg in Mörarp. Photo gallery.

Bird flu has spread in the country to Sürmland, which has now seen its first fall among domestic fowl of the season.

It is the case of avian influenza now found in domestic chickens in Flin, The county board writes in Södermanland on its website.

Statens Veterinärmedicinska anstalt (SVA) had previously confirmed five previous cases of bird flu in Skåne and Kalmar counties in December, including more than 3,000 turkeys killed on a farm near Löderup, in southern Skåne.

Several cases were found among wild birds in Skåne, Kalmar County, Halland and Östergötland during the period from October to December.

In Europe, more than 550 cases of bird flu have been found among domestic and captive birds since the beginning of September, which is 105 in the past seven days, he writes. All In its epidemiological condition.

Italy stands out with a total of 280 outbreaks, but countries such as Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have also been affected. In France, eight outbreaks of ducks and geese have been reported in the duck and geese producing region in southwestern France, an area hit hard by bird flu.

The outbreak means that many countries in Europe are now offering an increased level of protection for poultry.

Last season was Sweden’s worst ever, with 22 farms affected, the vast majority of them in southern Sweden. According to the SVA, the risk of an outbreak is expected to increase in the coming months.

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One of the reasons for the spread of the disease is the movements of migratory birds. Wild birds are most often affected, but in some years domestic birds are also affected.