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Celebrity walrus Freya threatened with euthanasia

The walrus has become an attraction and the curious bathe very close to the animal, which is emphasized by its display near large crowds. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the situation increases the need for action NRK.

– Our biggest fear is that people will be harmed, says Nadia Al-Jedini, senior communications advisor at the Fisheries Directorate, to the channel.

We again strongly recommend that the public keep a distance where walruses are noticed and not showered. It is for your personal safety and animal welfare.

The Fisheries Directorate’s assessment is that negligent public behavior and failure to respect the authorities’ recommendations could endanger Freya’s life and health.

Animal welfare has clearly deteriorated. Walruses don’t get enough rest and the experts we talk to think they’re stressed out.

– We are now investigating further procedures, where euthanasia may be an option, says El-Gedini.

Walruses are commonly found in the Arctic. Freya is believed to come from Svalbard, just north of northern Norway, or possibly from Greenland. The famous walrus was previously seen in Holland, Denmark, and in Sweden’s Smögen.

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