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CES 2022: Samsung and its “smart guitar” project

If you have like New Years Resolution Learn to play guitarSamsung made your life easier. South Korean brand revealed The most important C-Lab projects, Its business incubator, which will be unveiled at CES 2022. Among those emerging ideas, there is one of the most interesting twists: the “smart guitar”.

zimstar It is a C-Lab project that seeks to support musicians around the world and fans who want to develop their skills using different instruments, forming an ecosystem of app and a series of peripherals that allow learning and practice of a musical instrument.

In this case, zimstar with zamstring, which is a guitar designed to learn to hit the right notes in a song, but will also allow you to add effects and sync the song with other musicians on the planet who use the app.

Samsung LED guitar

in case if zamstring, we are talking about a guitar 22 fret that adds 132 LEDs along the rosewood fingerboard, which represent the possible combinations on each string, this instrument is synchronized with zimstar In order to perform a song, a fret is lit that the user must press as the next step.

Besides these first steps, you can record the melody, add a series of effects such as distortion or echo, and sync the final mix with other projects hosted in the app.

This and other Samsung C-Lab projects will be on display at the Samsung booth at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. So far, the South Korean giant keeps its direct activities unchanged, in the face of the recent wave of cancellations from Google, Intel, AMD, Lenovo, HyperX and other companies that have announced their participation.

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