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ChatGPT will lead to more class tests.  to avoid cheating.

ChatGPT will lead to more class tests. to avoid cheating.

ChatGPT text bot has become very popular recently. This incredibly powerful Open AI can tell stories, give detailed answers, and even write code for you.

However, educational institutions are now concerned about the use of ChatGPT more and more for transmission tasks. To avoid this, it is believed that schools will move to more and more classroom tests and oral examinations. Another thing that schools are likely to ask for more in assignments is the introduction of evaluative thinking or the expression of opinions. Currently there is something that ChatGPT is not good at, but this AI is better at search overviews and grammatically flawless texts.

However, the Swedish National Agency for Education has not yet come up with any specific advice for higher education institutions on how to approach ChatGPT.

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Conversation with ChatGPT 3 on the phoneFairly good


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Stack Overflow bans AI-generated answersThe programming service believes that ChatGPT responds incorrectly too often


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