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China wants to build a one kilometer long spacecraft

It has been reported China had planned Building a kilometer long spaceshipWhich would exceed the size of the International Space Station.

This is according to the portal China Quoting from the 14th Bi-Monthly Plan Draft (2021-2025) from China For large projects of outer space.

Apparently this space ship Will be 10 times the size of the International Space Station (ISS).

It has been determined that this The kilometer-long spacecraft that China plans to buildIt will be an important and strategic resource for the use of space resources.

as well Exploring the universe And Long life in orbit Although at the moment the feasibility of the project is still being studied.

China lunar robot (ReutersLatam/Twitter)

New ways of lightweight designs for Chinese ship construction are being investigated

National Natural Science Foundation China, a body funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Asian country, the scientists are expected to investigate New ways of lightweight designs.

This is to reduce the materials used in future construction The kilometer long spaceship to put it in orbit.

Plus new technologies for the safe assembly of massive structures in space.

Some experts assert that the construction of the aforementioned Chinese spacecraft will face Serious technical problems before the size of the kilometer.

In this sense, China will be obligated to send thousands of components into space for assembly, which It will take more than 12 years that it took to build EEI.

It is expected that there will be an opportunity to replace parts of the ship due to the long construction period.

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to be funded China’s 1 kilometer long spacecraft builtYou will have a budget of $2.3 million that by saying 45 million 824 thousand 395 pesos.

With information from RT.