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Chinese woman stuck in apartment with blind date

Chinese woman stuck in apartment with blind date

After pressure from her parents to find a husband, Wang agreed to more than 10 encounters with men she had never met in Zhengzhou, a city of 12.6 million people.

– I got older and my family showed me 10 identical songs, and the fifth wanted to show his cooking skills and invited me to his house for dinner, she says in a video she shared with friends on social media.

Dinner will not be The only meal the two of them came to eat together. On the same night as the blind date, Zhengzhou authorities announced that the city would be closed down after more than 100 people tested positive for the virus in recent days. Residents were urged to stay home and Wang stayed at the man’s home for several days. An embarrassing situation that she started sharing with her friends on the social media app Wechat.

According to Chinese media, she shows in videos how the man cooks for her, does household chores, and works during a break. There doesn’t seem to be that much talk going on.

She added, “Aside from the fact that he is as quiet as a wooden doll, most other things with him are very good.” the paper, a Shanghai-based newspaper.

But it is not affected by cooking.

– Although his food is average, he is still ready to cook and I think that’s great.

It is not It’s only stuck in annoyance by China’s virus intolerance with severe lockdowns and mass testing once a few cases of the virus are detected. Last month, it was reported that a man ended up on lockdown while moving and had to borrow a blanket from neighbours.

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Wang’s diary has received a lot of attention on the Weibo microblog and has been viewed more than five million times. Her date wasn’t happy about the attention and Wang deleted some posts because they “affected his life”.

From a broader perspective, China faces a major challenge to keep COVID-19 at bay before the Winter Olympics, which begin in three weeks. the The first local cases of omicron It was discovered in Tianjin near Beijing and spread to Anyang in Henan Province.

The authorities are now doing their best to avoid the rapid spread of infection. In total, more than 20 million people are currently isolated in at least five cities in China.

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