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"Complete shame."  Italy shocked by soccer

“Complete shame.” Italy shocked by soccer

The Italians will not play in the World Cup for the second time in a row. Roberto Mancini’s players die in play – off match against Northern Macedonia. Despite playing on home soil, the current European champions lost 0: 1. Alexander Drajkovsky’s goal in the 92nd minute gave the crowd a thrilling victory.

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Twitter is on fire following Italy’s defeat to northern Macedonia. “Complete shame”

The star-studded Italian team could not force the Macedonians to defend efficiently – and sometimes happily -. The Italians were victorious throughout the meeting and they shot a total of 32 shots with four guests! However, the old football proverb that unused situations are revenge has been proven to be true.

Poland met a contender in the World Cup qualifier. When and with whom will we play at Silesian Stadium?

The sensational defeat of the Italians was widely echoed in the sports world. Recognized experts and journalists from Poland and around the world are shocked. Everyone agrees that the current European champions have compromised themselves.

“Italy is home to the second consecutive World Cup. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” wrote Canal + Sport journalist Tomasz Ćwiąkała.

“But you can only roar with laughter about it. European champion, team leader, Penalty Jorgenho shot Switzerland in the 90s, 0-0 with Northern Ireland, now over thirty shots with Macedonia (rivals in 2 targets) and World Cup on the way out. Country – Eleven Sports. This is how Mateusz Święcicki assessed the defeat of the Italians.

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“Two in a row without the Italians. Unimaginable. What would Sweden have to say to them about the end of the world, within a year of winning the European Championship in northern Macedonia” – writes Michał Trela ​​from Nunes Sport.

“We should expect the situation in which Roberto Mancini resigns after such humiliation. I wonder what path Italy will take. Will it be a domestic or foreign choice.

“Italy was expelled from northern Macedonia. That’s why football is so beautiful. If professionals play with professionals – how can they expect a flood of entries?” “- This is Andrzej Twarowski’s comment from Canal + Sport.

There are definitely similar voices. Fabrizio Romano called Italy’s defeat a disaster. Marco Messina “a complete disgrace” from CBS Sports. Matteo Bonatti draws attention to the great achievement of the Macedonians.

Northern Macedonia face Portugal in the World Cup. Fernando Santos’ side beat Turkey 3-1 in the second match of this part of the play-off division. Portugal – Northern Macedonia match takes place on March 29.

Goal in the 110th minute.  The Poles met their rival in the match for the World CupGoal in the 110th minute. The Poles met their rival in the match for the World Cup