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Cone city bikes will cover nearly 69,000 kilometers in 2021!

Cone city bikes will cover nearly 69,000 kilometers in 2021!

After traveling 69,000 kilometers, Cone’s city bikes went on a well-deserved winter break. One could say that they are asleep.

At the end of November, the two-wheelers went to the warehouse, so we had to wait a few more months for the next season.

The statistics produced by the operator, Nextbike Polska, show that we have more users. We now have a total of 8,630 users, including 1,047 new users. Bicycles were rented 16,406 times. You traveled a total of 68,905.2 kilometers on them. The most popular route is the section from ul. Fr. Jersey Popiusco du ul. Card. Stephen Wysinsky. As of June 10, a maximum of 175 rentals have been received.

We have a successful season behind us.

– Said Powell Adamov, deputy mayor of Cohn for Economic Affairs. –

The increasing number of users shows that the bicycle is a popular mode of transportation. We want to build a Koninsky City bike. Once funding is available, we will open new stations, e.g. In the north of the city.

Koniński Rower Miejski launched in 2018. The cycling season lasts from March to November for nine months. There are 11 bicycle stations in different parts of the city, including 100 two-wheelers.


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