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Confirms: US forces at a site in Taiwan

The relationship between China and Taiwan is described and reported as lukewarm than in several decades Chinese military aircraft in Taiwan’s air defense zone They replaced each other in recent weeks.

This week, the conflict escalated further when US President Joe Biden announced that Willing to support Taiwan with military forces In the event of a Chinese attack.

US forces in place

Several media reported that exercises are underway, but the information has not been confirmed by the White House or Taiwan.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has now confirmed that US forces have been given the green light to conduct military exercises on Taiwanese soil. In an interview with CNN, Ing-wen said only a few troops have arrived in the country.

“We have extensive cooperation with the United States in order to increase our defense capability,” the president told CNN Thursday.

When asked about the number of soldiers participating in the exercises, she replied:

Not as much as the public thought.

This statement is the first military contact between the United States and Taiwan since permanent US forces left the island in 1979.

China’s wrath: There is no going back

The message made China look red again.

“Taiwan independence is a dead end and there is no turning back for those who support it,” Chinese foreign policy spokesman Wang Wenbin told AFP after the CNN interview.

he added:

The United States should not underestimate the Chinese people’s strong determination to maintain their national sovereignty and territorial integrity.