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Counting to Trump: The Search for Election Rigging Using UV Lamps



Republicans are arguing internally about a strange vote-testing in Arizona.

Encouraged by former President Trump, they are looking, among other things, for traces of ballot papers that were secretly transferred from South Korea.

They’ve also used UV lamps to find watermarks that aren’t there.

“This is not good.” “This is dangerous,” Republican Leader Jack Sellers said in a statement.

Many Republicans struggle to drop the result in the 2020 election. In Arizona, Joe Biden has barely won as the first Democratic presidential candidate in nearly 25 years.

In Maricopa County, where Phoenix is ​​located, Biden won by nearly 2%.

Arizona election results were approved by Republican Gov. Doug Doucey and Republican members of each constituency – ballot papers were reviewed and recalculated twice without any evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Despite this, Arizona Republicans demanded 2.1 million ballots in the Maricopa County presidential election. A few weeks ago, a third poll was conducted at a sports arena in Phoenix.

This time it is led by a Florida company, Cyber ​​Ninjas, with no experience reviewing election results and with an owner with ties to Donald Trump and after the election he said he saw evidence that the result was rigged.

Ballot papers are examined in Arizona.

Photo: Twitter

Ballot papers are examined in Arizona.

Find traces of bamboo

Owner Doug Logan also has connections with attorneys Sydney Powell and Lyn Wood, who have made far-reaching accusations and conspiracy theories about the outcome after the election. Scriver Washington Post.

Election experts sharply criticized the Republican scrutiny. Basically for the sake of apparent bias. But also for substandard security and surveillance capability.

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Unlike previous recalculations and neutral reviews, this time the starting point was conspiracy theories. Writes for the AP News Agency.

Among other things, they searched for traces of bamboo in the ballot papers with the help of UV lamps. This comes from the theory that a plane landed from South Korea shortly after the election with forged ballot papers.

When they started recalculating, they also looked for watermarks on the ballot papers. Among the popular conspiracy theories among proponents of a law is that the then US president put watermarks on the mailing ballots to detect fraud. AP writes.

However, no such stamps appeared on any Maricopa County ballot papers and the procedure was suspended.

The review did not directly help repair the post-election relationship and trust between Republicans and Democrats. Among Trump-friendly circles, accusations spread that the government monitored the diversion with a spy plane.

It turned out that the plane belonged to the Phoenix Police and responded to emergency calls in the area, AP writes.

Arizona President Karen Finn, who is behind the vote recheck, stresses that it is not a matter of filing new lawsuits, but of correcting errors in the system before the next election.

Photo: Evan Vucci / AP

Donald Trump.

Trump continues to recalculate

But Donald Trump and his supporters have made clear that they see the Arizona recalculation as a first step in reviewing Joe Biden’s election victory across the country. Scriver Washington Post.

The former president himself is following the process with great interest from his luxurious Florida residence. He is said to be very enthusiastic about comments with the UV lamps.

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– He talks about it all the time, says someone who visits Maralago and listens for 45 minutes to Donald Trump’s statements about Arizona, Even the Washington Post.

The one-on-one review became even more bizarre on Friday when the Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum had to be evacuated because the square is reserved for school graduation in the coming weeks. CNN writes.

All 2.1 million ballot papers were transported by truck to a warehouse building in the parking lot behind a mobile theme park, Crazy Times Carnival, where they will be stored before everything is returned to the arena later.

Security was criticized after this step. The building is said to be so hot that delicate ballots cannot be stored in the hot summer heat of Arizona. Additionally, Tivoli visitors use the building’s toilets where ballot papers are stored.

Photo: screenshot / Fox10

Crazy Carnival Times

I think they will find cheating

The process took a long time, partly due to the fact that they weren’t able to gather as many audio reviewers as they intended. But those out there are determined to find enough inaccuracies to substantiate the hypothesis that the election was stolen.

I think Donald Trump won the election. Completely safe. “I hope we get to a point where we are happy with the result and the truth,” says Eloise Flagg To CNN.

In Maricopa County, which has a population of about 4.5 million, the Republican government is dissatisfied with the circus that is going on. The highest resolution body, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, which includes four Republicans and one Democrat, held a lengthy crisis meeting Thursday over the recalculation.

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They are mainly upset that during the week Cyber ​​Ninjas reported that they have already identified “problems” with the votes, without providing real evidence of this.

“I know you are all tired of the lies and half-truths after the 2020 elections,” Commission Chairman Jack Sellers wrote in a statement after the crisis meeting.

“This is not good. It’s dangerous.”

The accusations were described as having specific problems with the vote count in a letter that President Karen Phan sent Wednesday. And remember, among other things, that the auditors have found occasions when the numbers on certain ballot papers do not match the numbers in the relevant documents.

The files are also said to have been deleted from the server.

Soon Donald Trump delivered a statement describing the information as “devastating” and saying it showed “the potential for fraud” in the region.

President Sellers says it is not true that they have deleted files about the elections and that on Monday they will hold their own public meeting “to answer the lies and present the facts about the information.”

The whole process can take place in July.


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