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Countries that now have a ban on abortion

Countries that now have a ban on abortion

On Friday, the US Supreme Court decided to tear up Roe v. Wade, whose 1973 decision made abortion up to 24 weeks a constitutional right.

Prior to the new decision in court, 13 states in the US already had a so-called trigger law that was ready to go into effect when the decision to repeal Roe v. Wade came.

Abortion is prohibited directly by decision

In Kentucky and Louisiana, abortion bans became effective immediately. There is now a risk that a person who wants to have an abortion will be imprisoned for up to five and ten years, respectively, and a fine. There are exceptions if the person carrying the baby risks their life.

However, this does not mean that every state has a release law that automatically imposes a ban on abortion outright. In Tennessee and Idaho, among other places, the law goes into effect 30 days after the Supreme Court decision.

I WyomingUtah shall enter into force as soon as it is approved by the state legislature.

Clinics are starting to close

In a number of states without a move law, other outdated laws may come into force. This is the case, for example, in democratically governed Wisconsin, where the state’s Democratic attorney general is now working to prevent a more than one-hundred-year-old law—which bans abortion—from taking effect.

On Friday, abortion clinics in many of these states announced that they would halt all planned abortions. In Kentucky and Arkansas, among other things, abortion clinic decisions are tied to the new laws, while abortion clinics in Arizona have decided it is not safe to perform abortions because the law was not put in place before Roe v. Wade, which prohibits abortion, applies and employees can after That being imprisoned.

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Want to arrange a shelter

It’s not all countries that will impose bans. Many states have laws protecting abortion rights. Among other things, the California governor has promised to fight for the state’s abort through new legislation.

In the context of today’s Supreme Court ruling, which threatens the health and safety of millions of women across the country, California will do everything in its power to protect the fundamental rights of all women in California and beyond, sad Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday.