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Couple stuck in Nackreservatet – Rescue Operation |  Sweden

Couple stuck in Nackreservatet – Rescue Operation | Sweden

A man and a woman stayed at Nackareservatet in Stockholm overnight.

Photo: Johan Bunten

In the morning, the woman was able to inform the police, who launched a search.

Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT News Agency

According to police, the elderly couple entered the Naka Reserve via Bagarmosun.

Photo: Anton Gemark

On Monday evening, the couple went for a walk in the forest in the Nacka Reserve south of Stockholm, via Bjarmosen. While walking, the man fell ill and was unable to return home on his own.

– They already decided at five o'clock yesterday to go for an evening walk, and after that they did not want to go on the roads but rather off-road, says Rebecca Lundberg, police spokeswoman.

The man should not have fallen and hit himself, but suddenly became ill. The couple did not have mobile phones and were therefore unable to call for help, which resulted in them spending the night in the forest.

On Tuesday morning, the woman came out of the woods and alerted the police and emergency services. A search operation began for the man, and with the help of a helicopter and dog patrols, he was able to locate him in the forest in an area of ​​rugged terrain.

Due to the difficult terrain, police were unable to land a helicopter in the forest, and instead had to reach the man on foot.

A rescue operation is now underway to save the man. He is awake and talking, but affected by the cold of the night, according to police.

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