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Zwycięstwem Wisły 1:0 nad Cracovią zakończyły się 202. Wielkie Derby Krakowa. Ich bohaterem został Yaw Yeboah, autor zwycięskiego gola.

Crago Derby. Wisla defeated Krakow

Wisla ended the 202nd Great Krakow Derby with a 1-0 victory over Krakow. Their hero is Yao Yeboa, the author of The Victory Goal.

Before the start of the game, Wisla’s amp-footed players appeared on the field and confirmed their title to the Polish champions on Sunday. Fans who had gathered for their performance were rewarded with loud applause.

Midfielder Ashraf L. Mahdiui and forward John Clement have been added to the “White Star” squad after a long absence due to health issues. Injured stopwatch Alan Uriga is missing.

Initially, the game was equal, but the “pass” could take the lead in the third minute. After throwing the ball out of the car, Philippe Biszek gave it a shot to the head, and Mykola Bekonsky made an effective intervention. Wisla also tried to attack, but they had major problems with the accuracy of the passes in the final action.

The advantage of Croatia grew over time, And Kamil Pestka did not take advantage of the good chance, he, closed the action on the left, a strong shot saved by Beaconsky. The young Wisla goalkeeper showed off his prowess by putting on a spectacular display as he threw the ball towards Biszek’s “head” towards the crossbar.

Before the break, Wisla had a chance to take the lead. Mateusz Młyński showed a brilliant skill at the end of the line, he went straight across Clement’s head. However, Lucas Hroso was not surprised.

Wisla started the second half well And in the 53rd minute they captured the defensive game of Krakow. Michal Skvarka crossed from the bottom row, a Yao Yeboa sent the ball into the net with a shot from about ten meters.

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The hosts dominated for a few more minutes. Was good but the shot by Clement missed. The Wisła players then clearly withdrew and defended their humble leadership.

Krakw attacked with enthusiasm, but neatly. The charges of Michał Probierz, who was the tenth Derby coach, sent several shots into the penalty area but failed to reach the goal opportunity. Beaconsky caught long shots.

The last minutes were very tense and confusing. Wisla took the lead until the final, after the last whistle, as he celebrated the victory with his fans.

Wisla Krakow – Krakowia Krakow 1: 0 (0: 0)

Goals: 1: 0 Yahweh (53).

Yellow card – Visit Kraków: Aschraf El Mahdioui, Jan Clement, Maciej Sadlok. Krakowia Krakow: Jacques Jukas, Marcos Alvarez, Sergiu Hanka.

Judge: Tomas Kuviatkovsky (Warsaw). Witcho 25 317.

Wisla Krakow: Mikołaj Biegański – Konrad Gruszkowski, Michal Frydrych, Maciej Sadlok, Matej Hanousek – Yaw Yeboah, Aschraf El Mahdioui, Patryk Plewka, Michal Skvarka (90th Serafin Szota), Mateusz Daswidski (9)

Krakowia Krakow: Lucas Hroso – Cornell Raba, Modage Rodin, Jacques Jugas, Kamil Festka – Michael Rakosi (73. Jacob Mysor), Tamir Sadiqovich, Carol Knob (73. Florian Loshaz), Belle von Amersford – Sergie).

Football League: Legia – Stal 1: 3