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Cybercriminals use webcams to spy on their victims

Cybercriminals use webcams to spy on their victims

April Lizette. editor (me)

In the past two years, the time a person spends in front of and using a computer or mobile phone webcams For meetings or calls that allow you to be “more connected” to the world.

although camera Help achieve this goal cyber criminals They chose to use this method to to influence y cheat to me users.

Camilo Gutiérrez, Eset representative in Latin America, explains that it is very easy computer thieves Access to these devices and stealing data H to invade The Privacysomething known asperfectingIt consists of intercepting the camera and searching for photos or videos of its victims.

They generally use a file Trojans remote access control (RAT) to spy a a woman y Young. To access the cameras, use fake profiles In messaging apps to contact victims and then convince them to download RAT via malicious links. Then they search for “compromising” photos or videos to extort money from them.

According to Gutierrez, the method subordinate scammers is the question Capital in cryptocurrency To prevent photos from spreading via email or instant messages to contacts.

Another method of fraud by cameras occurs through Fidelickera Trojan discovered by a group of Kaspersky security researchers, which allows attackers to obtain a file Almost complete control subordinate Device. That is, it can handle the camera and microphone, deleting files, and installing applications.

Some cybercriminals also access a file testimonials from Online services. To do this, they often use phishing pages to impersonate companies or services.

Experts recommend users to stay alert management from camera and improve levels Information Security And make sure that the computer and mobile devices used at home always have a file on it updated software With an anti-malware package installed.

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In addition, it must be verified that Passwords are strong Always have the authentication factor active and avoid clicking on links in unsolicited connections.

camera light

Although some cybercriminals can prevent the camera light from turning on, in most cases if the camera turns on when not in use, the device may have been hijacked. Covering the lens is recommended, although this will not prevent them from hearing through the microphone.

strange files

If a cybercriminal records your webcam, there may still be files saved on your computer. Look for anything unusual, especially in documents or video folders that are part of your hard drive, to remove them. It is best to run an antivirus.

“Unusual applications”

One of the most common ways cybercriminals use to log from a webcam is through RAT. Experts recommend scanning your computer with an anti-malware solution, checking for any alerts about certain programs that should not be on your computer or device, and removing it.

New configuration

Another thing that malware like RATs often do to pave its way is interfering with security software installed on a device or operating system. It is necessary to check frequently if some security functions are disabled.

wrong information

Fraudsters often use information from a mass data breach of a service, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or an email service, and email users with an old password, as proof that they have access to the device and webcam.