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Danger of disappearing Barcelona beaches |  climate

Danger of disappearing Barcelona beaches | climate

In the past, Spanish tourist favorite Barcelona had no beaches to speak of. They consisted mainly of strips of gravel. But before the 1992 Olympics, tons of sand were shipped there and nine artificial beaches were built, which today are lined with beach bars and are popular with tourists.

He writes that the beaches are now threatened Watchman.

Sand is no longer shoveled

This is due to climate change, which is causing sea level rise and devouring part of the coast around Catalonia. Winter storms also wash away parts of the artificial beaches.

In the past, it was filled with dredged sand, but it is a method now considered environmentally damaging, according to The Guardian.

The newspaper writes that in 2010 the Spanish government shipped 700,000 cubic meters of sand to Barcelona. There is now only 30 percent left, as the city’s beaches lose around 30,000 cubic meters of sand to erosion – every year.

Barcelona wants sand

The city has appointed a group of experts to study the future of beaches. It is said that they concluded that more sand was needed, until a better solution could be found.

– It’s important to keep in mind that beaches are not only there to protect the coast, but they also have social value for people in Barcelona who use them for swimming, sports and meditation, Patricia Jimenez, who works for the local water authority, tells The Guardian.

Barcelona is now waiting for the Spanish government to agree to pay for a new batch of sand. But the regional government of Catalonia considers it a waste of money.

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– Natural dynamics will cause sand to disappear from many places. Sea levels will rise and we will have narrower beaches, says Director of Climate Action Mireya Boya, according to The Guardian.

Consequences of climate change

■ Climate change has many consequences, including rising temperatures, droughts, fires and floods.

■ Rising temperatures also cause sea levels to rise – and so does altitude. In Europe, the level is expected to rise 60-80 cm by the end of the 21st century.

■ Rising sea levels increase the risk of flooding and erosion along coasts.

source: European Commission

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