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Dark in Ukraine – satellite map showing the lack of electricity

Dark in Ukraine – satellite map showing the lack of electricity

Over the past nine months, the night map of Ukraine has gone from showing lots of clusters of light from small and large cities. Tonight, large parts of the country are black.

In recent weeks, Russia’s strategy has been to cut as much of Ukraine’s power grid as possible. The Russian bombing on Wednesday cut off three of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants from the power grid because of the damage. As a result, all nuclear power in the country was shut down and 70 percent of the capital, Kyiv, lost power.

The electricity situation remains difficult in almost all regions. But we are gradually moving away from blackouts – every hour electricity is being returned to new consumers.

Also last week, President Zelensky announced that 10 million Ukrainians had lost power after the Russian attacks.

according to Express Ukraine’s power grid operator Ukrenergo said it was prioritizing the supply of electricity to essentials such as gas, water and sewage networks, and hospitals. In the coming days, the temperature in Ukraine is expected to be close to the zero mark and Kyiv residents are required to equip themselves with water, food and warm clothes.

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