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Daughter of a Peace Prize Winner: I may never see you again

Published on 2023-12-15 05.45

The daughter of Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi is proud of her mother – and has accepted that they may never meet again.

– Of course I am very sad, because I wish I had my whole family, a normal family, says Kiana Rahmani.

Narges Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday for her efforts for women’s rights in Iran. She opposed the oppression of women, forced wearing of the hijab, and violent and oppressive state tactics.

Because of her struggle for democracy and women’s rights, Mohammadi was imprisoned in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. She was sentenced to ten years in prison in addition to 153 lashes.

At the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm on Wednesday, Mohammadi’s daughter, Kiana Rahmani, 17, said it had been almost two years since they had last been able to speak to Narges Mohammadi.

-I accepted long ago that I would never see my mother again. And I understand what she is fighting against, she is fighting against things that should not exist, tyranny, the absence of democracy, says Kiana Rahmani to TT.


Her daughter, Kiana Rahmani, lives in Paris with her twin brother, Ali Rahmani, and their father, Taghi Rahmani.

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Kiana Rahmani says Narges Mohammadi was a wonderful mother. There is a great lack of mother.

– Of course I’m very sad, because I wish I had my whole family, a normal family.

– When I miss my mother, I tell myself to be strong: “You are a special person. You do not live in danger. She fights for the people who need her and are in danger.”

Mohammadi was able to smuggle letters out of prison, and Kiana Rahmani believes her mother’s voice is now stronger than ever.

Health problems in prison

– It would be a disaster for my country if there were no people like my mother, because we really need democracy and freedom. We need not only to survive, but to live.

– I would also like to express my gratitude to all the brave people in Iran who are fighting and facing many dangers, because they are the lions and lions of Iran.

The family learned that Narges Mohammadi suffers from some health problems, including that she suffers from problems in her joints, and that she needs hospital care. But in order to be taken to the hospital, she has to wear a hijab, which she refuses to do. However, the family received information that she was transferred to the hospital, but they do not know for sure what happened to her.

In the unstable situation, Kayana Rahmani finds it difficult to assess what the future will look like for her family.

– I can’t imagine that we will meet soon. Maybe never. But I can say that I will do my best to be an activist.

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