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Dawid Podsiadło Announces Autumn Concert Tour!  When and where does it happen?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Dawid Podsiadło Announces Autumn Concert Tour! When and where does it happen? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

This fall will be different than everything else! Dawid Podsiadło then announced that he was embarking on another tour. News of the music meetings with the fans appeared on the musician’s official profiles on social media.

Dawid Podsiadło is a musician who, even in his teens, can be proud of his great success. His songs are instantly successful, and the singer is not slow. Recently, Podsiadło recorded the song “Lost Hope” in a duet with Sana, and their musical collaboration stole the hearts of listeners.

Now, David Pocciatlo, who recently met with the audience at a number of concerts, conveyed important messages to them. In the fall, the musician will go on another concert tour!

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Dawid Posts: “Post Production Tour”

“Production Tour” – It is under this slogan that the next concert tour will begin in the fall. Dawid Podsiadło will play with others in:

  • 30.10 in Szczecin,

  • 5.11 in Gdańsk,

  • November 7 in Wroclaw,

  • November 10 in Krakow,

  • On November 12 in Katowice,

  • November 24, in Lodou,

  • 30/11 in Bosnon,

  • 6.12 in Warsaw.

(…) Friday midnight solo premiere. The first of many. The title of the solo is POST. Impossible? Still! Okay, but if it’s a single album, isn’t it? Yes definitely. Fall. The whole album (…) Well, if the album is a tour, am I wrong? It is known that there will be a trail in the fall. The POST product is called by the name of the first single. We will release the whole new album there (…) – Podsiadło revealed on the Internet.

These are truly unique music encounters! Who do we see at concerts?

Among the “millionaires” David Potsiadlo asked the question for half a million! Do you know the answer? [WIDEO]

Dawid Podsiadło posted an amazing post on social media! The artist took part in the “Millionaire” game show, and he went a long way. What is the question half-worth Hubert Urbansky asked?

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