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Dell is committed to sustainability in the development of the new Concept Luna . laptop


December 16, 2021 15:53 ​​GMT

New computer components are easier to repair, reuse, and recycle.

The American company Dell Technologies, in cooperation with Intel, presented its new prototype for a sustainable computer, as announced in a statement issued on Tuesday. The Concept Luna team aims to make its components accessible, replaceable and reusable, in an apparent effort to help nurture environment.

Some of the improvements that the new device offers are related to its innovative design, which allows more efficient energy savings, as it was chosen to use the passive cooling mode, that is, it does not need an active element to get rid of heat, such as a fan, which achieves greater air distribution from outside to the device when it starts to heat up. This is largely due to the reduced dimensions of the motherboard, which is separated from the battery charging unit, which makes it possible to place it near the top cover of the computer.

Another innovation proposed by the design team focuses on the reuse, repair and maintenance of the laptop by the users themselves, so that it is easy to assemble or remove damaged components.

This is due to the low number of screws, as only four Compared with hundreds From the other “green” computer from the same company, the Dell Latitude 7300 Anniversary Edition, Foot in 2019.

The new computer paves the way for the use of materials and processes to build new computer equipment, avoiding the use of plastics or other toxic components that greatly harm our fragile ecosystem. With this proposal will be Dell Technologies About 50% reduction Your carbon footprint, which contribute to the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for the development of a circular economy.

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