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Denmark cries out for employment from Skåne – Sydsvenskan

This week, a sign was placed at the entrance to a popular Copenhagen restaurant: “Granola is closed due to lack of staff.”

Denmark suffers from a severe labor shortage. In Skåne, 65,000 people are unemployed.

– Given the difference, it’s odd that more Swedes aren’t looking for a job here, says Leif Thingtved, the owner of the restaurateur behind the sign.

Restaurateur Leif Thingtved with some of his loyal pier service staff in Værnedamsvej: Ane Schjønning, Stefan Kust and Lan Kristensen. They have reopened the restaurant since it was closed for a few days due to an acute shortage of staff. Photography: Hussein Al-Alawi.

According to Leif Thingtved, unemployed people from Skåne must now take advantage of a golden opportunity to travel across the Sound to job vacancies in Denmark.

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