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Denmark is ready to receive women and children from concentration camps in Syria

The Danish government has begun work to repatriate three Danish women from ISIS and a total of 14 children from Kurdish detention camps in Syria, according to reports. Denmark Radio.

In addition, Denmark wants to take home five more children with ties to Danish, but without their mothers. This required maternal consent, which they did not give, reports TT.

The message came at a press conference on Tuesday evening. According to Dr. The decision was made after a Danish delegation visited Kurdish-controlled concentration camps in Syria. The delegation is said to have met two of the three Danish women, whose government has now decided to try to take their children home.

Women should be punished as hard as possible when they come to Denmark. Attorney General Nick Hickrup (S) said at the press conference that they should be held accountable for what they did.

The government has switched

In the past, the Danish government refused to send women and children home from camps. Now they announce that they want to help the children and that mothers are indispensable, writes Dr.

Recently, Finland also decided to send all Finnish children in concentration camps in Syria back to their homes.

Earlier this year, the United Nations harshly criticized Sweden, among others, for not taking its citizens home from the camps. But pending possible criminal investigations and trials, it is not appropriate to send Swedish women home from the camps, which SVT I previously reported.