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Denmark’s opposition demands Frederiksen to call elections

Frederiksen must call an election no later than June next year, but the foundation for her red government is beginning to shake. Since last summer, a radical left-wing party has been demanding that the prime minister call elections in connection with the opening of Parliament on October 4, otherwise the party will withdraw its support and bring down the government.

The leaders of six parties on the right — Finster, Conservative Volke, Denmark Demokraterne, Danske Volk Party, Ny Burgerlij and the Liberal Alliance — write together in BT . magazine That Frederiksen had already set aside government work to start running some sort of election campaign.

Party leaders also point to rising inflation and the healthcare crisis as good reasons to hold elections as soon as possible. They state that the Swedish government, after many ups and downs, called for negotiations on an important psychological reform, “five in the election.”

– Daily photos are posted on Instagram of the prime minister, campaigning, while asking her ministers to call all kinds of bizarre negotiating meetings, Conservative People’s Party leader Soren Pape Poulsen tells BT.

SPD leader Rasmus Stocklund believes that it is the opposition that is trying to campaign in this way.

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