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Despite the sanctions – Russian weapons are teeming with Western technology

Despite the sanctions – Russian weapons are teeming with Western technology

In recent months, the report’s authors analyzed 27 Russian weapons systems captured in Ukraine. In total, at least 450 unique alien components have been found in everything from long-range robots to anti-aircraft systems, according to Russians.

The majority were manufactured in the United States, but the weapons also contain parts from, among others, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain – to name many microchips, sensors and cameras.

circumvents penalties

The technology export ban was one of the first tools Western countries used after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. The next day, both the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions over “technology that contributes to Russia’s military development.”

Many of the components found are believed to have been imported before the sanctions were imposed, but documents from Russian customs seen by Reuters show that supplies have continued to some extent, often via third parties. Several affected manufacturers began internal investigations after learning the information.

Another problem is that many components have multiple uses, Reuters wrote. A number of parts have been found in weapons that are used in everything from cars to home electronics. In such cases, the legislation isn’t as sharp, according to Anders Lesnar, an international trade expert at law firm Vinge.

There are regulations stating that larger products must be subject to export control if the smaller component is a major component and can be removed easily. And he says it’s something you can look at rephrasing.

Would you like to see tighter controls

The report’s authors argue that stemming the flow of Western technology is crucial to halting Russian military power. According to Rossi, in many cases, the country lacks domestic alternatives.

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The Russian method of warfare is about reconnaissance strikes, first finding a target and then attacking with overwhelming firepower. Almost every link in this chain is based on Western ingredients, says Russian researcher Jack Watling BBC.

Hear from Anders Leissner about the dangers of Swedish-made products ending up in Russia in the clip above.