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Details: Pence testified against Trump

The testimony came hours after a federal court rejected another attempt by Trump’s lawyers to block it Mike Pence Appear before the jury, writes the AP.

Pence’s appearance before a federal grand jury marks a milestone in the Justice Department’s investigation and could provide prosecutors with an important first-hand account of the conversations and events that led to the January 6, 2021 storming of the US Congress.

Trump tried to stop him

Pence was called as a witness earlier this year, and appealed directly Donald Trump lawyers.

Pence himself has previously stated that he does not intend to testify, stating that the vice president’s role as president of the Senate gives him constitutional protection from testifying on certain legislative issues.

In March, a judge announced that Pence must still testify.

He did not ask about the break-in

On the other hand, the judge accepted the arguments of Pence’s side, and the former vice president – for constitutional reasons – will not be questioned about his actions during January 6, 2021.

– We will abide by the law, we will tell the truth, – said Pence in an interview with the program “Face The Nation” on CBS.

A court appearance could have major political ramifications, as Pence is one of the Republican contenders for the presidency. However, he has not publicly launched his candidacy.

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