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Dictator Kim: The Prime Minister feels good

Posted on 2023-08-22 19:31

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un attacks the country's prime minister after visiting flooded areas.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un attacks the country’s prime minister after visiting flooded areas.

The closed dictatorship of North Korea rarely raises domestic political issues.

But in a rare official outburst, dictator Kim Jong Un vented his anger at the country’s prime minister and several other high-ranking figures.

Kim criticizes Prime Minister Kim Tok Hun for not doing enough when farmland along North Korea’s west coast was flooded.

Kim says Prime Minister Kim acted “like a bystander”. After inspecting the flooded areas, the dictator went on the offensive:

– The administration led by Kim Tok Hoon has been broken in recent years. Kim said, according to what was reported by the North’s Korean Central News Agency, that the state’s economy is being destroyed by these workers who are characterized by lax work ethics.

Foreign observers report that North Korean leaders have a tendency to exploit events in the country to carry out political purges, as well as divert focus from societal problems.

The floods in North Korea did not kill anyone, which is unusual for similar natural disasters in the country.

Residents believe that the landlocked country has been hit hard by food shortages and that economic problems are exacerbated by the generally tight lockdowns imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In contrast, there are few signs of severe famine at the present time in North Korea, which has a population of 26 million people.