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Difficult logistics for senior leaders at Westminster Abbey’s funeral

The announcement on Monday by the British government came after media reports began circulating that the dignitaries would travel on various private buses to Westminster Abbey. In addition, they are advised not to come to the UK on their own planes and then drive around London in their limousines and helicopters, according to news site Politico.

“Severe security restrictions and road restrictions” have been cited as a reason for the alleged regulations, but sometimes diplomatic surprise is said to have been raised when the plans became known.

– Can you imagine Joe Biden On the bus? Read a bad review from a London-based ambassador to Politico.

US presidents usually travel abroad on Air Force One (there are two) and once in the country they’re visiting they use their own helicopter and armored limousine, commonly called “The Beast.”

queen Elizabeth Monday, September 19, the funeral will be the first state funeral since 1965 when he was the former prime minister Winston Churchill burial. About 500 foreign dignitaries are expected to attend, and security arrangements are expected to be stringent.

Among other things, Agence France-Presse reported that thousands of police officers across the UK have been assembled in London in the coming days.

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