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DN Direkt – Woman found dead in her home in Vänersborg – Man arrested

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The Hungarian opposition is expected to request an extraordinary plenary session in Parliament in order to ratify Sweden's membership in NATO, according to Al-Hungarian. index. In an interview with the news site, Parliament Speaker László Kóvier said he did not believe such a request would be implemented, but he also did not feel its urgency because “there is no exceptional situation.”

His party colleague, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has repeatedly said that Hungary would not be the last NATO member to agree to Sweden joining the defense alliance, but since the Turkish parliament's vote on Tuesday, all that remains is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's signature, which analysts expect will It will remain so. Coming in within the next few days. The Hungarian Parliament returns from its winter recess on February 15, but the prime minister could call it earlier.

Hungary has previously claimed that Sweden has tarnished the country's reputation, which the parliamentary speaker took up again. Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom (centre) disagrees with this view.

– No, I am not assessing that we did that. He says: As Foreign Minister, I did not offend Hungary Al-Masaa newspaper.

Bjelstrom also responds to the development that there is no rush.

– I think that the Hungarian side is aware of the promises it made to the outside world. You shouldn't be the last to believe Sweden.