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Dogs and cats must be sourced from breeders

Published on 2023-12-07 12.19

Cat and dog in a stroller in Seville, Spain.  Archive photo.

Microchip identification will become required on all cats and dogs sold by breeders in the European Union, according to new proposals in Brussels.

Stricter requirements have also been imposed on the transport of animals, including new refrigeration rules.

Maros Sefcovic is EU Commissioner and President.

– I am proud of two dogs and a cat and I understand how important it is to be able to trust vaccinations, certificates of origin and assurances that they have not suffered, says the Slovakian at a press conference in Brussels.

Therefore, there are now proposals for much broader common rules. For example, the committee wants all cats and dogs from breeders to be microchipped and registered in national databases. People working in breeding need adequate training, while imports from non-EU countries must be tightened and registration is required within 48 hours.

In addition, requirements related to husbandry and reproduction have also been tightened.

Cold and hot

In parallel, updated proposals for animal transport in the EU are also being presented for the first time in 20 years. Among other things, the committee wants to see shorter transport times, more comfort for the animals and stricter conditions regarding transport in the heat or cold.

If the daytime temperature is above 30 degrees, for example, transport should only be permitted at night. In freezing temperatures, covered vehicles and wind protection are required, and if it is colder than -5, no mode of transportation may last more than nine hours.

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Animal rights activists have long been calling for this update, while environmentalists have already announced that they will push for stricter processing requirements starting now in the EU Parliament and Council of Ministers.

“Over the years, repeated violations during transportation have led to unbearable suffering for millions of animals. .. “Unfortunately, the proposed measures do not go far enough,” for example, says European Parliament member Tilly Metz of the Luxembourg Green Party in a statement. Journalist.