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Donald Trump can run for House of Representatives

In a radio interview with right-wing personality Wayne Allen, Donald Trump commented on his former adviser Steve Bannon’s suggestion that the former president should run for speaker of the US House of Representatives.

In the interview, Donald Trump said that many said he should run for the Senate, but he himself favored Bannon’s proposal to the House of Representatives.

– You know what, this idea could be better. Trump says it’s a lot of fun.

However, despite the interest, the chance is very slim that Donald Trump will actually run, at least if you can believe him yourself.

Next time I’ll be in the White House

If he does not become the House of Representatives, Trump also appears open to returning to the White House.

Facebook announced, Friday, that Trump will not be allowed to return to the podium before January 7, 2023, due to the storming of the Capitol Building. Shortly thereafter, Trump responded with a written statement sharply criticizing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg while at the same time opening the door for candidacy in the upcoming presidential election.

“There will be no dinner with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, at his request, the next time I am in the White House. It will only be business!”.

According to several Republican polls, there is strong support for Donald Trump within the party and many want him to run in the 2024 presidential election, according to Hill.

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