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Donald Trump’s new Truth Social app launched

Donald Trump’s new social media platform has now been launched in the US.

But the launch was described as “shaky” because users had problems downloading the app.

get ready! Your favorite boss is coming soon! Trump wrote in his first post.

A little over a year ago, the former president was transferred Donald Trump of both Twitter And the Facebook After accusing Democrats of cheating in the US elections.

Since then, he’s worked on creating his own platform – and it’s now here:

Late Sunday night, early American users were able to download “Truth Social” from the App Store.

‘Huge demand’

However, the launch was not entirely problem-free. Several people who tried to register an account received an error message saying that they were put on a waiting list due to ‘huge demand’.

According to Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, the plan is to have Truth Social in full swing by the end of March.

This week we will start rolling out the app to the Apple App Store. “It would be great because we have a lot of users on the platform,” Nunes told Reuters.

Former President Donald Trump during a meeting with conservatives. Photo gallery.

It should be free of political discrimination

However, those who eventually managed to create an account were able to participate in Trump’s first ad on the platform.

get ready! Your favorite boss is coming soonwrites the former president.

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Truth Social markets itself as a social media platform free of political discrimination where “facts,” in the form of short text posts, images and videos, are used to communicate with each other.