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Donations from Berlin are eye-popping in Africa

Christopher-Blindon Mission

Donations from Berlin are eye-popping in Africa

Christine (17) can look good after eye surgery.

Photo: Comfort Musa / CPM

When a person suddenly looks back after a long time, it is like a miracle. Such miracles caused 18,119 donors in Berlin last year. A total of 2,198,334 euros were donated from Berlin to the Christopher-Blindn Mission (CPM) in the form of personal donations, standard orders and customizations. With this money, the Blind Mission was able to carry out 73,277 cataract operations on people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The procedure costs an average of 30 euros in CPM programs and 125 euros for children due to general anesthesia. These are unbearable for many of the victims in developing countries.

Worldwide, 17.1 million people are blind from cataracts, which is caused by clouding of the lens of the eye. The same thing happened with 17-year-old Christine from Cameroon. His mother took him to the doctor at a young age, but he was only given eye drops. “No matter how much I blinked or how wide my eyes opened, my vision was blurred,” the young woman said. She went to school and her grades, like her eyesight, are getting worse every year. In daily life she was dependent on the help of others. Until a team of doctors from the Mission for the Blind in her area worked on her until her prosthetic lenses were inserted. Children really need to be operated on as soon as possible so they can learn to see more. But Christine is lucky: the 17-year-old can clearly see after the procedure that the veil is gone from her eyes. Now she wants to become an ophthalmologist.

Christopher-Blindenmission has been supporting people with disabilities in developing countries for over 110 years. 540 projects are currently supported in 51 countries. More information is available at

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