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Dubai and Pettit won the 1st round of the GSMB

Dubai and Pettit won the 1st round of the GSMB

Despite the very bad weather, the first training run of the first round of the International FIA Cup at the Mountain Race (FIA IHC) and the 1st round of the GSMB took place without dangerous events, and showed the young driving class of the Automobile Club. Malopolsky drove Krosno, Jacques Ulanowski (Mitsubishi Lancer), drove back to the Polish routes from Dubai (Mitsubishi Lancer Bergmanster) and from the Pork Warner racing team the Krosno pair – by Carol Grupa (Skoda Fabio Ms).

The second training climb took place on a drying surface, with the sun shining on Corsina. The boom was unfortunate for Ulanovsky, who destroyed the front of his Lancer and missed his chance for the first points of the season. This time Carol Grupa drove faster than Dubai and Picos.

Due to the excellent weather the drivers drove faster and faster, breaking the new, compressed (compared to the previous eighteen races) record of 3820 meters. First, the appearance of the red flag that stopped the race was caused by Miroslav Sutluck (டாkoda Fabia) blocking the road by hitting the barrier, and at the end of the stakes Tonino Kozu had a harmless collision for whom it was, like any other driver classified in the FIA ​​IHC. Dubai showed an excellent time of 1: 37,412, with the next poles – the second Piękoś and the third Gruba, divided by one thousandth of a second.

The second race upwards was another performance by Dubai, who again set a track record ahead of Gruba and Picos, with a time of 1: 36.752.

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Type 1 – closed body cars, Dubai won the first round of GSMP; Its average speed is 142 km / h. Kiruba was on the second step of the stage and Picos won the trophy for third place.

Category 2 – Cars with open bodies: Favorite won: Sebastien Petin (Nova NP. 01-2), Anna Ambrose (Tattoos FR 2000) who debuted in the car and Polish champion Martin Juhaz (Lola P02 / 50) in this category from 2021.

The grand race will begin in Korczyn on Sunday, when FIA EHC drivers will drive their racing boots; This is the 2nd round of the GSMP and the 6th round of the International Slovakia Championship.

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